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Gollux entry bug

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in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Gollux entry

Brief bug summary: Cannot enter Imitation Gollux Heart portal to start fight.

More details: Even without running it this week I still cannot enter the fight. I receive the same error each time when trying to enter. "Someone in your party cannot face Gollux any more times today."

Steps to reproduce: Attempt to enter the portal to start fight.

Character name: Nodds

Character level: 250

Character job: Hayato

World name: Reboot

Date and time of the incident: 04:00 PM NZST 04/28/2020


  • SoloPartySoloParty
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    I experienced the same bug, the extra details I would like to note in my case are:
    I was attempting with a party and I chose the purple key options while my party member did not have the same key and then we were hit with the "Someone in your party cannot face Gollux any more times today."
    We went in together and I make special attention to not choose the purple key options(I tossed them all out) and we were able to enter unfortunately at some point in the run I was hit with the Enfeebling aura and it sealed(cant use skills) my character permanently. I may consider recording my runs in the future.