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GMS over the years

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Why does it feel like maplestory is making us work for what we already have? (Affects all players - both p2w and f2p/ reg server and reboot)

Most Recent Examples.
1. from perm buff freezers to Temporary buff freezers (and safety charms, wheel destiny etc...) FORCING u to buy a broid or else
2. 30% ied from crusader codex removed (permanent)

^ So the argument for the above is you can get 40% ied from a single familiar - but OPEN UR EYES man
-currently they disabled the entire system to nerf everyone/nerf drop rates of jr boogies etc
-Furthermore, 30% ied from crusader codex leafre set - what we Already earned - was taken from us when they started this system, making us re-earn what we ALREADY had.
-Also Note it was permanent - u did not need to summon it, there was no time limit, and u most CERTAINLY did not need to pay mesos for it
-Each time you die in bossing, you have to RESUMMON your familiar ( which we did not need to do before)

Other Examples:
1. character slots that don't exist after you delete the character
2. capping the RP per month
3. 2xp coupons and 2x drops coupons were still permanent just 2 years ago
4. fatigue potions for crafting used to be permanent
5. Nerfing the game as a whole; you see 1.5xp event instead of 2xp event
6. Nerfing multiple classes (some silent (like kinesis), some open (like zero, xenon))
7. removal of permanent hypertelerocks, keeping it as a marvel item
8. removal of frenzy totem from marvel and philo books

Until next time "on everything wrong with ms"


  • ProphetieProphetie
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    You've got some great points but some others are debatable
    The core game is from KMS which doesn't have familiars and Monster Book. It's not balanced around that 30% IED and, since nobody has it, it's fair and not a big deal at all. You also get 15% from badges so the issue isn't the removal of Crusader Codex but the disaster that is the familiar system

    3. Since then we got access to virtually infinite 2x exp coupon from Legion and more exp coupons than most players could handle
    5. The 1.5 exp event happened twice a day for 2 week straight as opposed to 2x exp four times a month. How is that a nerf?
    It also happened while there was an influx of players and servers already had trouble handling it. We also got an event that gave up to 20 instant levels a day and are in the middle of an anniversary which offers15 Storm Growth Potions. There's afk-leveling events every other month. It has never been that easy to level.
    6. Balancing is very important. Sometimes that results in nerfs, accidental nerfs even. Most of the times it comes in the form of buffs and there are already 2 waves of buffs planned out for most classes over the next 8 months. If you feel a class was injustly butchered, I'd suggest making a detailed post about it like Demon Avengers, Jetts, Beast Tamers and Night Lords mains have ben doing for years. We might get lucky
    8. The reson they gave at the time was that servers couldn't handle it but we all know that's only part of the reason.
    There's been countless bannable offenses in relation to that specific item and countless debates because of its game-breaking effect for a pay-to-win item