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Bera Mesos Expensive SF Reduction

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So we all know GMS SF cost is higher than KMS because of kishin/fury and mesos being really cheap in regular servers; in this example Bera. Mesos are almost 1600 MP for 100 million mesos as of 5/11/2020, with prices this expensive it doesn't really make sense that our SF costs are so high still. Is there any talk in getting this reduced at all?


  • innncginnncg
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    Everyone knows who is producing mesos in normal server. Unlike KMS, where the meso is farmed by real players and the meso p/c is much steady cuz of large player base. However, we GMS does not have enough f2p players in normal server to farm mesos, and I need to admit f2p players have much better experience in GMS Reboot because the botters ruined the normal server market. I mean why do not we learn from tms by using maple point to sf since we do not have enough players to farm mesos in gms. For me, the existence of botters in gms is the demand. Most normal players do not have time but would like to spend $ to have better game experience. In KMS, there are lots of f2p players that are willing to spend time to farm mesos in exchange for nx items. However, because we gms lack players in normal server, the best idea is to let nexon itself provide the service, like sfing by using Maple point. Instead of copying from KMS, nexon na should think of the unique situation of GMS.
  • JushiroNetJushiroNet
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    Time to make meso% gear an actually farm.