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Just about to come back to the game, whats new?

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Its been a good few years, I want to know whats new. What have I missed, is there anything cool I should try, any new characters worth starting? Let me know please.


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    Apparently Pathfinder is the popular choice of class.
  • HuskyDMHuskyDM
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    There is a lot, and because a good few years is a bit vague I'll just go with some highlights.

    We have 2 main story blockbusters (story modes) Black Heaven and Heroes of Maple. They both are a requirement to fight Lotus and Damien, the last two non-Arcane bosses.

    The whole Black Mage 14 year long plot has come to its conclusion. At level 200 you get access to 5th job and the Arcane River, the highest level are and longest grind in the game and its currently the highest goal to achieve. The new bosses added from that plot are Lucid, Will, The Gloom, Verus Hilla, Captain Darknell and the Black Mage himself.

    We get about 2 new characters every year, the most recent ones are Pathfinder (an explorer archer) and Ho-Young (a Grandis thief).

    Aran and Evan got a revamp, Cygnus Knights got a revamp, Explorers had a revamp almost 5 years ago or so.

    Some non-KMS areas were removed like Blackgate, Alishan and Twisted Aqua Road because nobody played them (I blame GMS).

    Florina Beach got the axe (rip)

    Masteria has gotten plenty of love, there are 2 Blockbusters (aka story modes) dedicated to it, Masteria Through Time and Monad: First Omen, both are kinda buggy but give some neat rewards (like BiS title and medal). Additionally the whole NLC and Phantom Forest got a full revamp and now begins at 160 onward, they have their own set of equipment (though its a bit grindy)

    Root Abyss can be done as a single player now.

    Gollux got some bad changes. Hellux is now a boss on the level of Lotus/Damien (aka very difficult) and give very little payoff, about 30ish coins. Superior Gollux stuff now costs 700 coins a piece.
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    Also, kendig square is back. Or rather it's now back as a much larger apartment store complex.

    The Omega Sector is back. (Along with a group of NPCs who are definitely not, repeat NOT the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I say this in sarcasm mode, btw.)
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    nebs are gone and now we have flames.