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Keeping Some Older Classes Relevant

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I main Paladin, and maybe that's my problem, my commitment to maining my favourite explorer class trying to relive the old days. I came back to reboot about a year ago and have been plucking away at it and I recently saw the new Adele class. I honestly just thought, Paladin's can't keep up with that! I can't speak for every explorer class such as pirates or mages but as a Paladin I am feeling forgotten. I have grinded out the mihiles soul driver skill and I believe a good way to keep Paladins relevant is to buff that skill a bit. It's not good enough to outshine a Dragon Knight or Hero, they're awesome as it is, especially Heros I hear. Increase the dmg % on soul driver back to 250%, maybe let it mob 8 mobs, and increase the range a bit. It still won't be better at mobbing than most classes in the game, it won't make Paladin stronger for bossing. It would grant paladins who want to grind for hours to get a late game benefit of a new ability to use and mob better.

I suppose this can apply to all ultimate adventurer abilities, they're all pretty useless. Just novelties. It's why I believe at least considering the idea of buffing them could greatly help keep explorers relevant. I know I don't know the full picture as a Paladin main and I assume that Night Lords are probably in a decent spot (I could be wrong) and giving them a buffed Ultimate Adventurer ability may be a bad idea but speaking from where I believe the buff wouldn't break the game in anyway, by buffing Mihile's Soul Driver specifically, I believe for people willing to do the grind, it would greatly enhance the value of an explorer. It won't be easy to achieve either, it's something you need to earn. So, it wouldn't be as wide spread as a straight ability buff.

Thanks for giving my post a read, it was my first one ever and I hope I was able to get my point across in a decent manner.
Happy Mapling!


  • AaronHuskyAaronHusky
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    Adele is the newest character and they always tend to be overpowered on release. But Paladin is more than able to keep its own in its current state, and I think it's actually the best mobber of the three explorer warriors.

    As for ultimate adventurer skills, I don't think there's a reason buff them at this point. The quest takes far too long to be worth completing, and the explorer classes already have access better tools in their skillsets. Yes it'd be nice, but there are more important things to focus on than legacy content.
  • RunicRunic
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    I think a better way to improve adventurer classes, especially something like paladin, would be to take some of the bufffs they get and just make them inherent instead of having to recast them every 3 minutes. The elemental force one in particular has no reason or purpose being a temporary effect when it has no cooldown, it is just an action economy tax on the player. Threaten could also be an inherent effect, though I do sort of like the angry ghost personally lol.

    Not sure why you would want or need soul driver though, aside from bragging rights, when your elemental charges can do about as much, if not more when you get into the nodestones.
  • DaxterbeerDaxterbeer
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    I wish the "charge" skills had more vertical reach. Also I tested rush on all 3 warriors and Hero has the longest and fastest one. Strange
  • Penguinz0Penguinz0
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    Relax. Adventure warriors are getting vertical jump attack, longer jump, and landing attack in the next balance patch.
  • ProphetieProphetie
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    Runic wrote: »
    The elemental force one in particular has no reason or purpose being a temporary effect when it has no cooldown
    One of the Paladin exclusive buff can (or at least used to) be shared through the Divine Echo skill. Otherwise it should be a toggle to avoid creating hammers at the wrong time

    Paladins are fine if we keep in mind the incomming buff to their mobility
    I'd love Mihile's Soul Driver to be good but why buff its damage if it has shorter range and longer animation than Charges anyway? [actually it got a useless buff in KMS making it work with mastery yet keeping it's damage insanely low and not having nodestones]
    Hammers of the Righteous takes half the screen and allow you to train by just double jumping/Rope lifting around the map.
    With a CD reduction hat, Heaven's Hammer can be cast every 7.5 seconds hitting the entire screen and Blast Shield serves as another wide AoE.
    Sadly, there are classes who can only dream of such tools (lol DA) and others who need three times the gear to perform, like Night Lords

    Paladins are the most beginner-friendly bossing class allowing you to survive things other classes wouldn't, have a 30 second invulnerability skill, a good burst skill, a heal, decent dmg on GMS thanks to our AS mechanic and (IMO) are among the better mobbers in the Explorer branch.
    All they need is for Combat Order and Magic Crash to be more relevent