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Bring back Frenzy Totems?

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With the new memo normal servers frenzy prices are going to explode if they don't bring back the frenzies, they can make bank and as a player coming back (previous whale) who did not get to get one I'd like to get one. Frenzies and frenzy service are the only way to progress in the game when leveling to 250 and up. I'm begging you nexon plz bring back frenzies.

RIP reboot players I feel like they need to make a compromise here should be helping out reboot a lot more.
  1. Should Frenzies come back?12 votes
    1. Yes
       50% (6 votes)
    2. No
       50% (6 votes)


  • LatemasterLatemaster
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    Well when they 1st made kanna on tms and jms it started to be bit game breaking since it's quite a huge boost. Atleast in the beginning most skills didn't hit so many targets so the boost wasn't that much of requirement.
    Frenzy was tms idea and the problem with tms stuff is that they have so much broken stuff that it doesn't really matter if they get little bit more broken stuff anymore. But when adapting those to other servers you can easily notice that they are problem. Fury was a quick fix for kanna farming meta which didn't really work out that well and frenzy is completely broken item in the 1st place but they are scared of nerffing it since it was acquired from marvel and philo books which are quite much p2w. Frenzies just make grinding faster but it's not a must for any lvl. They have reached 275 in kms without frenzy,kish or fury. It just takes more time to grind.
  • JennnnnnnnnnJennnnnnnnnn
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    my 2 cents - they wont bring back frenzy or stop nerfing kishin/fury until/unless they have new content, which... by the time they do...people would've left the game already. Player population currently inflated due to covid19 and political issues (u.s.) so when it drops, it will be a big one
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  • JackBanditJackBandit
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    If they are so anti frenzy totem maybe ALL maps should be given a frenzy effect/ spawn rate and the item is just completely deleted. Then they can get rid of kishin but buff kannas and there'd be no imbalance whatsoever.
  • DiximaNDiximaN
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    Bring back Frenzy as a regular gach item