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Maplestory Classic

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Yo I've been thinking about it, why wouldn't you make maplestory classic?
Sometimes.. I'm thinking about games that I can play in order to just chill.. and then it throws me back to the old times of Maplestory before the drastic decrease in playerbase started.
and honestly I don't know what does Nexon have to lose... either way MS2 died and MS1 is getting in worse shape day after day.
I'm definitely speaking on behalf of the entire MS community within the years of 03`-20`.. people just wanna have fun,.. and chill, that's it
the old ms can bring us what we want. - reconsider it please... fact that this game is 17 years old doesn't necessarily mean the classic version won't last.
  1. Want Nexon to make MS better again?2 votes
    1. Yes
       50% (1 vote)
    2. No
       50% (1 vote)


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    Lets let that pipe dream die in the corner like it should.

    Cause my dude there is NO reverse to this spaghetti code that is maplestory.
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    This thread, like many others, will be locked before too long.
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