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Inscrease EXP gains during Zero questline.

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Currently during Zero creation event I decided to make a Zero , At the moment it's lv166 and I noticed since lv140 that both required quest line (every even number lv) and all the side quests(every odd number lv) don't supply enough exp to level up.
Usually after required quest I'm ending up with around 85-90% exp and after side quests and dungeons to be around 75-80%.
I personally find it very annoying that I can't do contentious stream of quests and have to grind dungeons/mapleworld hunting areas to level up and continue next segment of quests (either story or side quests).


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    Maybe they could return quest booster only for below 200?

    They seem to know how to limit exp boosts based on level already anyway (regular exp coupons).