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A victim of the 2017 Kanna Mass bans..

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Hey im a older player of Maplestory and back in 2017 my account and tons of others were banned during a autoban system that targeted Kanna users, this ufortunately also affected us who had done nothing wrong on our Kannas due to a bug with one or more of the Kanna skills.
Back then I posted about it and had no Admins or Gms contact me or others like me to solve the issue, however one user in the thread we posted in asked us to stay calm and that we would be getting a nice reward for lost game time and suchs and so we waited patiently.
3 years have now gone by and Im still Perma and Ip banned for playing a class you made in this game, can you please review my account and see that ive done nothing wrong?
Ive spent tons of real hard earned money on this account and I would like to have at least the possibility to play again. Vote this up so the Gms sees this :D

Here is the link to the discussion post : http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/comment/69300/#Comment_69300


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    Have you actually sent in a ticket?