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Question about Maple Relay Dominator Pendant

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edited June 2020 in General Chat
Just wondering is the Dominator Pendant from Maple Relay box able to be transposed to sweetwater pendant?
And how much an increase to Adele if I get the Maple Relay absolab weapon on her compared to the time-limiited CRA?


  • EikaheEikahe
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    Not sure about the first question, but for the second one, at 2.5mil range, it added about 225k range to me swapping to FakesoLab over my time limited CRA weapon. Your mileage will vary depending on the flames it has on it and your own current stats, but I didn't cube my CRA weapon past 6% ATT for reference. It's okay, but probably could've used it better on a link I aim to level to 210 in the future.
  • ApocalyptianApocalyptian
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    The absolab is permanent. I have it on my Kanna from last relay event. You can't cube it or do starforce on it though.
    Hey it's got a good pot on it and everything I was happy.