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Suggestion: Actually Care About Suggestions

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Let me just start by saying that this is not a vent. I know my forums and I can say through my own judgement that this thread belongs here. My simple suggestion is that you -the people this is addressed to- start giving a damn about what we have to say. Maybe this is a bit cliché to some players and that it's pointless arguing about Nexon America because they're just "puppets" of their Korean overlords, but it doesn't have to be that way. The global and korean communities are completely different, each with their own needs.

Why is this section of the forums a thing if it's very rare for suggestions to be paid attention to and actually implemented? The players here (who actually play the game) have a lot of valuable feedback all the time, and I find it extremely irritating to go over them sometimes when I'm bored, realize that they're actually really good, and let out a sigh knowing they will always go unnoticed by a company that only cares about profits at a time when they're at their lowest. Maybe it's time that you start thinking about why they're so low.

Before this game goes to oblivion, start addressing the main issues people complain about. Release more memos since those haven't been a thing for quite some time now. Work on improving performance. Quit recycling events and actually put out some interesting stuff people haven't seen a million times already.

If what it takes to boost income and activity is dishing out DMT, Marvel, Philo, and every other money-siphoning event in existence, then you've got a problem. It's 2020, so start paying attention to GMS players before you lose them all and be forced to shut this game down.

P.S.: The censorship thread has been going on for over two years now.


  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    The players here (who actually play the game) have a lot of valuable feedback all the time

    Disagree. There's some valuable feedback occasionally, and good suggestions less often.

    Part of the problem with suggestions being implemented is the implementation itself. The suggestions that aren't garbage have to be fit into Korea's development schedule, which for gms is set in stone at least six months out. Suggestions have to be deemed worthwhile to forward to Korea(since, contrary to what certain people like to believe, there is no local developer team for gms; only an overseas team working in Korea), and then deemed worth following through and implementing and working into development cycles. I don't know precisely how the process works, but it's never going to be as simple as someone making a suggestion and having it show up ingame in three weeks.
  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    A lot of the suggestions are useless rants/raves related to current on-goings. You could say this falls more into the "feedback" part of this subforum, but I think not.
    I think the biggest problem these forums have in general is that not enough threads are merged. We don't need a million threads on "bring back pot badges" or "add gay marriage".
    These topics have been talked to death and there are hundreds of threads for these subjects. The quality of the average thread as far as suggestions go is actually very, very low.
    For example: Currently there are 3 threads all on DMT on the first page, with more on this subject if you go to further pages.
  • PirateIzzyPirateIzzy
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    I actually agree with the OP somewhat. While I can agree that there are more useless suggestions than valuable suggestions in this subforum (as Aggraphine and Fuhreak mentioned), Nexon is allergic to pretty much all suggestions. I understand that Nexon cannot acquiesce to the requests of every single player, but when an overwhelming majority of players have a legitimate concern with certain content and the Nexon team brushes it off, then it says to me that Nexon does not regard our feedback.

    For example, I'll use two examples: Potential=able / Pottable Badges and the Phantom Forest revamp. I understand that pottable badges were removed because of Nexon Korea, and while I don't agree with their decision, it's a complex issue that I can only see being resolved by Nexon Korea adding pottable badges as a new standard in KMS (which is very unlikely, despite the fact that Rings and Shoulders used to not come with potential when they were released). Therefore, despite players asking for pottable badges to be re-introduced to the game, I don't see it happening due to Nexon Korea.

    As for the Phantom Forest revamp, this is content that is currently GMS exclusive, and has been universally panned by GMS players due to the sanity system causing memory leak and personal ailments such as migraines and motion sickness. On top of that, the new Masteria's Legacy set requires Shadowknight Coins to Star Force (which pretty much everyone agrees is a stupid idea, since it's worse than the Superior Gollux Set), and in order to obtain said coins, you have to spend a minimum of 1 hour farming in the Phantom Forest doing daily quests, which isn't even guaranteed since the daily quests require you to defeat a specific Elite Boss in the area to obtain all the coins from the daily quests (keep in mind that only 1 out of 3 will spawn, and it's always random). Despite this content being despised by players, Nexon has only taken minute steps to improve the content, making minor changes to the sanity system and throwing more Shadowknight Coins our way (also, so much for including it in Sunny Sundays, since they haven't been included in any in the past month or so), which are band-aid solutions at best, and don't resolve the core issues with the content. As a result, despite the feedback given, Nexon has utterly disregarded it, and the Phantom Forest is dead content thanks to their negligence. If this were under Nexon Korea's, they would have taken steps to make it more enjoyable for players.

    In conclusion, Nexon has little to no regard for player feedback, especially when it comes to non-KMS content, only choosing to rework it if it benefits players rather than if players have issues with the content that could be mitigated to improve player satisfaction. I would suggest that Nexon delete the Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests subforum (ironic, ain't it?) because it merely exists to give players a false sense of hope.
  • JushiroNetJushiroNet
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    I think they already care to some degree about our suggestions. What that degree is I don't know. To me not knowing is the problem.

    Does Nexon not communicate because it's not worth it? The game is developed in Korea after all and we're the English overseas server. This means there's a 'cost' in the language barrier and we're also a small fish as far as maplestory population goes.

    Maybe Nexon doesn't want to communicate with the playerbase in gms. Their choice I suppose and we're still here and playing despite their behaviour for 16 years.

    Maybe Nexon does want to communicate and just doesn't know how. I think we can all agree that the current mode of operation is frustrating to say it mildly.

    Personally I think they do hear our concerns but we have these very slow one way channels of communication. We submit feedback on the forums and discord and it disappears into a black box. We then see action (or not) over time from Nexon. The occasional memo is there as well but with the exception of the most recent one generally come off as dismissive and defensive.

    I don't know what the solution is.
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    Suggestion are ignored because nexonNA is not in power to do anything
    after GMS-EMS merge almost everything fall apart
    (think luna still dont have dedicated team support or community menager-voice person for them in their time zone)
    so noone bothers to write suggestion anymore when we know majority of it is copy-paste from korea and we happily wait on their sites to see changes that are going to come in half year... if not then maybe in the next half year and so on...
    guild revmaps suggestions/bugs reports was on this forum for 2years or so... and without any word by nexonNA
    the last hope that we got was when KMS did their guild revmap last year
    @@ @@
    @@ @@
    and many more...

    also maplers did stop with bug reporting a while ago (sometime just express their sadness and move on hopelessly )
    the thing now is :
    - if it bugs everyone badly it will get "fixed" some sort of band-aid in the next SC
    - if works only for me and few other and not for you, sorry but find work around or deal with it as it is
    but we also have maplers like...
    "DmT WoRkS FiNe FoR Me , dOeS NoT FoR YoU? sOrRy bUt fInD BeTtEr wOrLd Or lOg iN EaRlY/LaTe hOuRs wHy rEbOoT GeTs dMt aGaIn oMg bOyCoTt"