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What's With This Christmas Tree Dagger? O-o

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I recently started looking for a Christmas Tree Dagger for my Beginner, since the Ereve Brilliance became no longer equippable by the class. In looking for this weapon (level 100 Dagger), it seems that I stumbled onto something strange with this specific weapon.

Here's the Christmas Tree Dagger I was sold:

Now, I saw that the name was greyed out, as if it had been Chaos scrolled for negative stats, and noticed that the stats were far different from what I originally thought the tree was. Here's the Christmas Tree in Auction House that is what I was looking for:

As you can see, these are identical items, but for some reason, mine has far worse stats. I tried using an Innocence Scroll on my tree, thinking it'd restore it to the original in the second picture, but instead I got this error:

So, is there a back story to this weapon that I don't know about? Are there actually two level 100 Christmas Tree Daggers with different stats, and I just stumbled into the wrong one? All of the websites I went to for information on this weapon (maplestoryfandom, hidden-street, mapleio, etc.), had the second picture as the correct stats, not the tree I currently have. I hope someone can help me out with this confusing equipment situation!


  • OccireOccire
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    They re-released the Christmas Tree dagger through Gacha and basically completely changed the stats (same with the Christmas Tree spear and Versalmas Cactus pole arm). This is pretty unusual considering they usually just release entirely new items. The one you have has its original stats.

    If you wanna "update" your dagger to its new stats, you have to scroll it once first, you just can't innocence scroll things that don't yet have scrolls used on them (I don't believe it matters if it passes or fails, but it needs to have one slot consumed). You'll be able to innocence scroll it then.

    You might not want to since there might be some collector who would prefer to have the original item, but that's a really niche market, so you'd probably have to do a lot of hunting to find someone who values that; if all that matters to you is getting the dagger to use and you can't find one that's already been innocence'd or came from gacha after the update, then it's perfectly fine just to innocence this.
  • AK712AK712
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    Thank you SO MUCH! Going through those steps worked perfectly!


    My Perma-Beginner owes you his thanks.