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DMT 2.0: Yet another failure...and no surprise.

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If I microwave a steak and it tastes like fart, then I will have learned not to microwave steak.
Naturally, it follows that if DMT in three 1-hour increments ends in a colossal failure, perhaps you should NOT hold another DMT in three 1-hour increments

Mistakes happen. After the first DMT, I decided to be as understanding as possible and gave the benefit of the doubt you would provide fair compensation. And after your devs specifically cited community feedback in the recent newsletter and Reddit posts, I thought hey! maybe it's all figured out.

But no. There were LITERALLY HUNDREDS of posts on Discord and Reddit asking for a 24-hour DMT, and not only was there no response to this solution, it was completely ignored. The update was made without ANY communication with your playerbase. If we had any reason to have confidence, perhaps it didn't have to be 24 hours long, but all that was mentioned was something about "Code Optimization" which 1) Gives no substantive information on the problem will be fixed and 2) Evidently did not work. In fact, my experience this DMT was even worse than the last one. Not to mention I can't think of any significant disadvantage to keeping the event open for that long.

I get it. The Maple Discord and Subreddit is full of memes and unconstructive feedback. But those users are just a minority. While we might agree with them, most of us are here because we genuinely enjoy the game and want to see it improve. And when there's literally HUNDREDS of posts agreeing on one solution, you need to listen.

As a returning player, I decided to give the benefit of the doubt after the first DMT that we would receive fair compensation and saved all my cubes. But the fact that so many players had no faith and used them away is incredibly telling about the state of this game. I have never played a game where disappointment is a norm.

I'm a League of Legends fan. The difference between this game and LoL is that the community is always looking forward to new changes and updates, which makes it feel like it's actually growing. The devs are constantly in touch with their playerbase and the community is healthy because we know they are listening. And sometimes, the community is wrong. But so what? That can be easily fixed. Instead of just relying on a few players for information, most people are actively interested in the patch notes because they were actually warranted through testing.

Obviously, Maplestory is much smaller and more restrictive than League of Legends. But even if you can't, any communication is better than no communication. It doesn't cost much, nor does it take much effort. Look at GM Ghiblee's memo on the Subreddit! Look how easy it was to write, and look at the feedback! Look how many people appreciated that post! Just look!

I love this game, but all these disappointments have me about fed-up to be honest...this game was my childhood, and I hate to have it ruined like this. Please be more considerate of your decisions and listen to your players - even if they might be wrong.

A fan.

P.S. I still can't move with Sunny Sunday permanently mounted on my screen.


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    To remove the Sunny Sunday popup, drag the small cubing UI window out from behind it and while that cubing UI is active hit the enter key. You cant click the X to close it you must hit enter. This should allow you to close the Sunny Sunday popup, at least it worked for me last time. So sad about the failed DMT again.......