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Adding an additional jump key to the keys list

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Hello and good day,

I'd like to make a request that an additional jump key be added to the game. The request comes from playing blaster for the past 4 months and getting hand pain due to using a singular jump key for all my "combos" but really just key rotation, I really believe that having two separate jump keys will relieve some of the stress on both the keyboard and hands using them, as both weaving and bobbing both need the same jump key for their skill rotations.


  • BobbyWeaveBobbyWeave
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    Most blaster players circumvent this by changing their key settings in such a way that jump sits between bobbing and weaving. You might use jump on D with bobbing on F and weaving on S for example. You can also edit your keybinds in the Windows registry or with your keyboard's software. I use the numpad for movement and have 0 rebound to alt so I can use it to jump with my right thumb but I can also jump using left alt.