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Add SKIP button


  • TrystarrTrystarr
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    Aggraphine wrote: »
    SlicedTime wrote: »
    AKradian wrote: »
    I like stories.
    But I hate boss fights.
    So I think Nexon should add a "skip" button to boss fights and just give me the rewards without me having to go through the unpleasant part.
    What do you say?

    Yes, but that wouldn't really work in an MMO, now would it? If this was a single-player game there would be no real drawback for implementing that.

    I think the crucks of the matter is that plenty of people are playing this and many other games for the gameplay, and not for the story. From this perspective, the NPC dialogue, cutscenes, and such only serve as an interruption to the core gameplay loop instead of really enhancing it. I'd estimate that this issue is only made worse by the fact that most of the NPC dialogue is honestly not at all worth paying attention to. In addition, I feel like environmental storytelling isn't made much use of which probably doesn't help, though I am having a hard time actually qualifying that statement.

    If you're expecting no story content from a game, perhaps the game with the word "story" literally in its name is not a good first choice. The game is, at a core level, an RPG. There will be story content in an RPG. There are plenty of other games out there that focus solely on the gameplay and have zero story-based content in them.

    Further, the post you quoted is making the point that this suggestion is silly, among other things. It would be one thing if the OP was making the point that more things ought to be given account-wide completion flags(which we've seen done with black heaven and heroes of maple), but the post as written can just as easily be assumed to be asking for a means to completely skirt the story content and never sit through it. Which, again, this is an RPG, story-based content is to be expected.

    Side note: for future reference, "crux" is the right spelling.

    Is this suggestion really silly though? A lot of people are on the same page it seems. Considering the bulk of players are old timer players, it's obvious there's a lot of people who aren't invested in the story because they've been playing MapleStory before they rounded out the story part. And the cut scenes (generally speaking) pertains little to no relevance to the quests. Collect 10 of this time, now 20, now 30, etc. Usually when I play a game for the story, the tasks at hand are related to said story.
  • Penguinz0Penguinz0
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    They literally have "Would you like to skip cutscenes" option already in root abyss quest. Just do that to all the quests that was already completed at least once in a character in an account.