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Question concern my win @ Maple Halloween stream

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edited November 2020 in General Chat
I not know where to put this , tried contact any GM - CM through Twitch message but so far no reply .
Last stream for Halloween I was so "lucky"to be draw as one of the 10 winners for Maplestory / Kartrider . Since I play Maplestory I choose the price for that - should be a chair if had it right but so far I have not seen anything happen , not got any message I had to go see Blair to pick up a package or anything else just show up in my character her inventory .
So wish that someone of the team can clarify if it is still gonna be there or that something might have gone wrong .
I told clear I played in NA Reboot and which IGN should recieve the prize .
Would be nice if got to know how or what ...
It is a simple thing but still ...


  • GhibleeGhiblee
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    edited November 2020
    Thank you for replying to our Twitch DM in a timely manner and we apologize for the delay.
    We are still waiting on a few players to respond to our Twitch DM since we were planning to send the whole list altogether for the Halloween stream giveaway reward distribution. If these players don't respond, we'll move on with distributing the rewards for those that responded.
    Thank you for your patience!
  • SnickySnicky
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    Received the gift today in game so wish to thank you for this . Just so you know it went alright :D