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Lower the price of Premium Pet Equip Att Scroll

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As can be seen in the above image, the price of the Karma Premium Scroll for Pet Equipment's Weapon ATT 100% is 2x the price of the Magic ATT equivalent. I believe this is not fair to non-Mage classes. We shouldn't be charged extra just for maining a non-Mage class, especially when Nexon keeps on removing sources of obtaining mesos, such as the Maple Tour Piggy Bank. This shop isn't available until January 13th at the earliest, which gives Nexon plenty of time to lower the price to 500m in a minor patch. If we don't speak up now Nexon won't do anything about this. We need to let them know we want NPC shops to not charge extra for certain classes now or in the future. While this might be something other players do in the Auction House, it's not something that NPCs should do.
  1. Should Nexon lower the price of the Weapon ATT scrolls for pet equipment?3 votes
    1. Yes, definitely
       67% (2 votes)
    2. No
       33% (1 vote)


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    You can speak all you want and as loud as you want. They're not gonna listen. The next anniversary event meso shop will also have attk scrolls twice more expensive than m.attk scroll. Even if they do listen, they're probably just gonna increase the m.attk scroll price to match it with attk scroll, not the other way around lol.