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[NLC][Spoilers] Returning NLC: Who are these NPCs?

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(mind you I am a casual, and returning player, take the use of "new" with a grain of salt)
So, I have been going through the new phantom forest story line, I finished the NLC alien one earlier and it's really hitting me that it's been 5 or 10 years since I did much of the original NLC story, and many components of it are simply gone from the game and my memory.

I was ok with it at first because I figured I was just not able to recall the Legends of Mastaria questline, but as more and more of this comes along I could really use an index as to who these NPC's are and fillings on the gaps in my memory:

1. Becky, she definitely knows me, I don't remember her AT ALL.
2. The entire planet of.. Versus? The one the alien historian is from, it seems to be hooked into the atellion storyline but for the life of me I can't remember what part it played -- is this where the portal at the end of the atellion storyline lead to? My memory is *very* fuzzy on this.
3. The girl from the main new NLC story, she has the pet tiger and was searching for her culteral heritage, she's blue.
4. What happened to the people from the old crimson castle camp area? What species were they? I recall comerci being locked behind their questline, and that they were mostly disenfranchised children of grey-ish-blue colours? They were all living in horrid conditions.
5. Did the sinking of masteria happen during the online time of maplestory, or was this just lore from before the starting "date" of the games first operational day?
6. Where do the uuh.. Stellar detectives fit in? And the old story line they removed about a year ago where you'd play as a crew member on a merc ship? Are the aliens in these story lines related?
7. I remember NLC being in flames some years back, why was that again?
8. How did I become deputy sheriff in NLC? The current sheriff referred to me as that prior to starting this story.
9. Do these NPCs recognise everyone who plays these quests unanimously? Or are they actually able to recognise that I was there previously?
and finally, 10. How much of what I have asked pertains to "old NLC" or content that can no longer be played?
  1. Had you forgotten any of these NPCs or events too?3 votes
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    3. Wait there was an "old NLC?"?
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    1. I'm fairly certain Becky is from Masteria Through Time. I believe she's just a research student. That, or the level 150 quests "Masteria Research Team". Someone would have to correct me if I'm wrong.
    2. Versal is an alternate world to Maple World. It was introduced a long time ago before the overhauls to the Masteria storyline. And yes, this is where the gate at the end leads.
    3. Corine, a Krakian native.
    4. You're thinking of the Demons in Tynerum, they were effectively the same species as Demon Slayer and Mastema. As far as I'm aware, their storyline was dropped when Tynerum was removed and Gollux was switched to Phantom Forest. Even before that, Tynerum's castle area was entirely separate and had nothing to do with Masteria
    5. Masteria sunk before the game's current timeline. You can see it happen in Masteria Through Time.
    6. The aliens in Stellar Detectives are just pirates, although they are after the Antellion MacGuffin like everyone else I think. The storyline you played as a merc was Captain Vaga, which was dropped due to technical limitations I believe? The aliens in Masteria aren't PULSAR that I'm aware of, but they are related to Jett.
    7. Aliens invaded, it was a large-scale event storyline in 2012 or so. But since the area was overhauled it's irrelevant.
    8. The level 170 quest "Street Sweeping" and related quests are how you get to know Lita Lawless, as far as I'm aware.
    9. The NPCs follow the questline as if you completed the earlier level quests, as far as I know there's no variation in dialog if you haven't done the earlier quests.
    10. The original Masteria was largely wiped with the overhaul to the area. The only thing that remained are the NPCs themselves, a few asset designs, and certain plot points, much of which has been retooled into the larger plotline.
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    Neospector wrote: »
    You are a legend, thank you.

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    I'm still trying to figure out the deal with the Playboy Bunny in Lilith Harbor who never seems to do anything.