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Do star force scrolls affect pre-star stats?

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edited January 19 in General Chat
Releated question, but this one asks more and different.

Normally, when star forcing an equip, I have 5 or 7 or so before the stars, where I can scroll for e.g ATT or MATT. These can be done at 30/70/100% success rate, with differeing stats achieved on success.

If I use a Star Enhancement Scroll, what does it do about that pre-star scrolling?


  • AKradianAKradian
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    edited January 18
    Enhancement scrolls, just like star forcing, cannot be used on equipment that still has unused scroll slots.
  • MawgMawg
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    Ok, there's my answer. I notice that the new Awake final scroll says that, but I didn't read it on the Maple Tour scroll, which is then abosulutlley no way worth 35 days worth of other stuff (like 70,000 power elixer, or 50% exp).

    Thanks for enlightening me