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hiezen temple

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in Bug Reporting
1st of all when i use to potion (special metamorph potion ) it only gives me the ayame option
2nd after defeating the dungeons as ayame i didnt get the reward

character: kosmos4
world:reboot eu


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    edited March 2021
    This was an intended change. You can read about it in the patch notes here: https://maplestory.nexon.net/news/65824/updated-march-18-v-221-spring-blossoms-patch-notes#hieizan

    Hayato's Treasure, Kanna's Treasure, and Ayame's Treasure were changed to be random drops from the Princess No expedition. I've gone through it twice; I got a Kanna's Treasure on the first clear and both Hayato's Treasure and Ayame's Treasure on the second clear; So I'm guessing the drop rate is around 1/3 for each.
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    Rip Early progression on reboot, having the 3 treasures at level 160 was nice now your character needs to be properly geared to obtain them, did get 2 in 1 run so at least the drop is not low, now people that broke the ring can farm it again.