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Horoscope Net (2H BW) drop

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edited March 2021 in General Chat
My Noblesse which I created last year has a Horoscope Net (2h Blunt Weapon) in its inventory which means it still drops unless it was from a revamped area.
I can't remember where I got it and I'm looking for one for my Paladin (Reboot)
I'm fairly certain it's from level 80 or below monsters but it's possible I got lucky doing quests in less popular areas

Does anyone know what drops it?


  • WhorificWhorific
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    It used to drop from Jars in Herb Town. I say "used to" because I haven't seen any of those fake NX weapons drop in the past few weeks. I can't confirm it myself but it seems like all of those novelty equips were removed without any notice in some recent patch. Since Monster Book drop tables are gone, we won't know for sure.