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Lets go Back to the great MapleStory times

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There are many people asking for a Pre Big Bang or Clasic Maple story, you should consider it. Please it will be great for the company.


  • MargoVioletMargoViolet
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    It'd actually be a risky play, a lot of the players are spending bags of money because of all the RNG systems newly introduced, and are now complacent with the changes while still spending money. That's a win for Nexon. Introducing what you're suggesting would potentially lead to less money spent on cubes, shielding/guardian scrolls, etc.. Despite the complaints from the player base, I'm sure current MapleStory is bringing in a lot of money as is.

    Also, discussing legacy servers is against TOS.
  • PirateIzzyPirateIzzy
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    Oh look, it's this thread topic again
  • NeospectorNeospector
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    Do not create threads pertaining to Old Maple Servers, Legacy Server, Pre-Big Bang Servers, etc. You can talk about previous versions of MapleStory for memories and nostalgia's sake, but discussions surrounding starting up new services or servers are not allowed.
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