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The Game Is Going Backwards In Progress

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I've played this game for a good bit over 10 years and if you noticed, and you most definitely will notice it if you have been a returning player a few times; they've gone backwards entirely almost to the point where it looks in development comparatively which is deeply saddening for us who have been playing for so long and had it around as a part of our childhoods. Very few things in cash shop, significantly less customization options having to rely on updates despite the enormous amount of available designs from the past, little to no perm nexon after purchase so it's like a hundred tiny subscriptions, and heavy reliance on things like cubes and borderline unhealthy character grinding for legion. All of the customization locations such as hair face etc have been rendered useless which is awkward and unseemly for the game, also very confusing to explain to new players because there is no reason for them to exist at this point.

The newest neo update upset an enormous amount of players both paying and f2p alike with the boss to elite boss cube drop change and although they patched it the drop rate decreased as almost a final "f you" to their long time loyal userbase trying to find absolutely any opportunity to use them as money bags even though it just lowers the amount of people willing to be active. The reason for the initial change was a complete lack of consideration between KMS and GMS server updates and how it affects them differently. (KMS clearly runs better at this point) It's understandable they have to make money but they've already resorted to things like gambling in multiple ways they don't need to just keep eating up their own content and making the game unplayable or overly conditional. Allow people to do something in reboot with all of the extra gachapon items so they will actually buy them at this point it's useless hell even the doubles of the perm nexon item boxes from within the cash shop that you get are completely useless in reboot because the rate for the exchange to get something you want within the marketplace is absolutely ridiculous, the rates for gacha aren't worth it either and that's coming from someone who has purchased a lot of nexon throughout their lifetime.

I'm beginning to think it will take a collective boycott of nexon/gms purchases for significant change and if that's the case I am hoping the most popular player content creators and streamers of maple that bring in both players n money for the game will not only participate openly but encourage it. I don't think there is another option at this point because I want to see this game flourish and be a good experience for anyone who plays it.... not something draining and so easy to burn out on, it should be something you can enjoy with friends and be at least somewhat beginner friendly, not a full time job.
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    I never buy Nx clothes just because of this, how many people even bother with the 90 days sht? I only spend money oni the water of life every now and then, its been more than 15 years and cash shop has not changed much AT ALL
    And no way im gambling on those surprise boxes scamm