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Alright... Trying something new

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So, I saw there is a new class added to the list of characters. So how is the new character? Is it worth creating or did they already like.... nerf it already?

(Yeah, I know.... Since this forum is dead. I feel it's best just to update the initial forum instead of bumping my thread up.)

(Edit4: Sigh. it did it anyway...)
Hi everyone! I decided to come back to maplestory since I exhausted myself with other games. I tried to get my new game (Colored buttons) controller working on it, but had some issues. I am trying an older (number button) controller for the game. I wonder if they made any improvements to joypad play?


Okay! Now assigning quick slots is a problem if I chose secondary. It works fine if I chose basic.... double odd.

Edit 2:

Alright! I believe I fixed my joypad issues. So, I will share them to you for those who are having the same issues.

(1) Make sure your drivers for your controller is updated (Very Important)

(2) Newer logitech controllers now have an x or d function. X is for x box systems and maplestory will only give you 10 buttons to assign. To fix it, switch it to D for digital input, this will open your options to 12.

(3) Make sure you boot up the game with controller before running the game. The joypad will not pick up with the game already open.

(4) Look up about your joypad type. I realized F310 and G-Uf13A (My original joypad for maplestory) are not assigned the same.

(5) Print out a free assign joypad sheet. It will save you some time or have a journal to write your assigned buttons. Note: If you have a gaming keyboard, assign your keys with a different color for Joypad. I assigned colors to all my keys, and things that are controlled by my joypad have red and yellow. These colors alert me not to override unless necessary.

Good luck, and I am still a pirate warrior. See yah soon.


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    So... is there a way to reassign my username on this forum?