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New Hard Hilla

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Hello Maplers,

I wanted to talk about the new hard Hilla rework.

I get the feeling that the idea was to give players a new strategy that didn't depend on invincibility to get through her fight, since not all characters had an iframe skill or invincibility on their skillset, and the only way for them was to burst her in one bind or correctly timing the deaths to avoid the cage and accumulate enough dmg to kill her.
The problem is that now we passed from having a strategy to having none. New Hilla's healing CAN'T be stopped nor avoided in any ways, and as I read in the patch notes, she was supposed to absorb HP from her minions, which is not true, because even if you kill them fast enough, hilla will keep healing until the skill is over.

If the new fight was intended to have a strategy where the player had to kill all mobs to stop Hilla's healing, I'd like it a lot more than the cage attack, because it's much easier to understand, doesn't interrupt the battle in any ways and gives the player the difficulty to keep his attention on the fight messages, which always worked well on hilla. But if the idea was just to replace the cage out of players frustration, new Hilla's just another punching bag which you'll easily kill once your damage overcomes her healing, which is not fun at all.

Hilla went from a 500.000-1.000.000 range boss to a 1.500.000-2.000.000 one. Reaching 2m range is expensive for a mule, and Hilla was a nice source of income for 200-210 characters who are just starting to gear up.

What you guys think?


  • lala21321lala21321
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    I agree with you,
    its converted from unable to attack and wait for your death in the cage to never ending battle...
    in order to make it and kill her like in normal fight a character must have kind of full map attack across all the map when she summon her minions which none of the classes have.

    Nexon need to remove completely her healing and maybe convert it to 1 hit K.O like arkarium have (which she already have so just all is left maybe just remove the appearing barrier and than you can just use i-frame.)