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Flames not Dropping from Bosses

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As of the v.227 patch yesterday, Rebirth and Eternal Rebirth Flames are no longer dropping from bosses, or at the very least they are dropping at extremely low rates. Nothing of the sort was mentioned in the patch notes and with we've recently been informed about a month or two ago that the intent of the current game direction is to increase the number of flames available for us to use. This change appears to be in the opposite direction of that and again, was not mentioned at all in the patch notes so I am assuming that is is a bug.

Bug type: Boss drop /Item related

Brief bug summary: See the paragraph above.

More details: I would obtain ~7-10 rebirth flames a week or so from weekly bosses fairly consistently but I got 0 this week. A few of my friends have had similar experiences ever since the v.227 patch.

Steps to reproduce: 1) Kill several bosses with high drop rate. 2) Bosses do not drop Rebirth flames.

Character name: Stargeth

Character level: 275

Character job: Dark Knight

World name: Reboot (NA)

Date and time of the incident: 11:20am PST (I am EST so 2:20pm EST)


  • StargethStargeth
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    edited October 13
    Upon seeing the official response in the scheduled minor patch for October 14th, the response that states: "Fixed the issue where some Boss monsters after the v.227 patch were not dropping Meister Cubes and Master Craftsman's Cubes at their intended rates. Upon investigation, we've confirmed that the drop rates of flame items remain unchanged from the v. 226 update after the v.227 update maintenance" is factually incorrect, so I've decided to elaborate further on this thread.

    I have several friends who each have 5+ bossing characters that they run weekly and daily bosses on for flames and cubes along with the meso from boss crystals. All of us have amounted around 8 flames to our names for ALL OF US COMBINED since the v.227 patch hit when previously in v.226 and v.225 we were getting around 20-30 flames a week for EACH of us.

    My guess is the information in the update was mixed up since cube rates were not noticeably different for us than before. If the developers are claiming that the rates are truly unchanged then there might be a few plausible explanations, the most likely being that drop rate % on item potentials is not properly applying to rebirth flame drops like the rest of drops from boss monsters.

    I'm not really sure what the particular issue is but the drop rate has DRASTICALLY changed since last patch. It is definitely NOT the same as last patch for rebirth flames.