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Recharge on a game or put real $ into mobile game

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Hey all. Just out of curiosity, and also because I am bored, I wanna know what you guys think...
I have been playing Azur Lane (japan server) for close to a year now and it's really not a game where you need to recharge or spend $ on,
but I enjoy having more resources all the time in case I need it down the road.
Is it really a smart idea to spend $ on mobile games or games in general? I'd think money should be well spent or saved for the future.
But after spending close to 1k now, I am not sure if this is regret I am feeling or whatnot, because I could have saved up all that money.
Being at the age of 27, I feel now is the crucial time to be saving up, who knows how demanding my future is...
own house, maybe a girlfriend down the road, and then children after that, so many things demand so much money, come to think of it.

Sure, it's the fun we are looking for when we spend that money, but is it worthwhile comparing to saving up a great of money instead?
How do you guys feel about this? What do you guys think? Would appreciate some in-depth, constructive insights!
p.s. I dont have loans to pay off and I am done with college already, no more stupid, boring exams, homework, or class stuff.


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    Paying for games, mobile or otherwise, is the same as paying for a Netflix subscription, concert tickets, or a trip to Disneyland. It's entertainment. You pay money to (hopefully) enjoy yourself, not as an investment for the future. It's perfectly normal and accepted.
    Obviously one must budget according to one's means, but there's nothing inherently wrong with spending money to have fun.