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Back after years need some help

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So I recently downloaded and started playing MS again after many many years. I think the last thing that was big when I was playing was zakum coming out and there were only the ranger, dragon knight, cleric and thief. This game has become massive and confusing to me from how it use to be. The leveling is so much better now. I had a 125 Ranger that took me like half a year to level up. Im looking for a guild in Scania that might need a new member as I need assistance with a few things. Im currently a level 170 Kain already after just a couple of weeks. Anyone interested in picking up a new member? Also is there a website like hidden-street or basil market that still exist? Where I can look at a list of monsters and what they drop etc now? Thanks!


  • aura0fdeathaura0fdeath
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    Hey! I don't regularly browse this forum. I think most of the maplestory discussion is via the maplestory subreddit. And there isn't really a consolidated information site anymore. I think the fandom wiki does decent job for providing all the info you might need.

    If you're still looking for a guild, I'm the guild lead for Catharsis. We're a pretty casual guild. Unfortunately, most of our members are busy IRL so there isn't a lot of chatting going on in game, but there are usually a couple people online. If not, we have a semi-active discord where people are always willing to help out with questions. We're mostly returning players as well. If this sounds interesting to you, let me know and we can discuss this a bit more?
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    Maplestory has a Fandom wiki which does its best to list mob drops, although as with Hidden Street these lists may be incomplete.

    Nexon also provides a returning players guide going over several major system overhauls as well as listing past update notes.