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Maple Achievement issue

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Does anyone know what is required to get the ``Ridiculous number of levels`` Under Level up>Level `` Achieve a lvl 200 10 times with a single job above 4th job advancement`` If you hover your cursor above the completion bar and under the trophy 100, you will see a comment appear that says `` Achieve a lvl 200 ThunderBreaker 10 times ``. I have 3 Night Lords Lvl 200 + and my completion says 1/10 . I have 2 TB's above lvl 200 with the 5th job up to single symbol and my completion still says 1/10.
My question is : What job do we need to complete the achievment and what other requirements are there ? ( journal, complete 5th job etc )

Yours truly, White4u


  • NeospectorNeospector
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    edited May 6
    Just to check something, does the achievement journal say 1/10 when you log in to one of the night lords?

    Additionally, have you tried hitting the achievement refresh button?
  • White4uWhite4u
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    @ Neospector The achievement journal still says 1/10 on each NightLords and there is no ahievemnt update available / refresh button. Does it have to do with the date the characters were created ? or when lvl 200 was achieved ?