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WHY does this keep happening??

I have been trying to log on for the past HOUR, keep getting error messages, with the update stalling the few times it gets that far. Then I finally managed to complete the update download, only for it to crash and require me to start it over. It seems EVERY time you make a lengthy update, it takes AT LEAST two hours after the estimated completion time for the game to be playable. WHY NEXON, WHY?

So you'll give us a pittance in compensation, say "we appreciate your patience" (though we are NOT patient, we are ANGRY) and repeat the same thing next time, NEVER even CONSIDERING trying to fix the problem.

When I saw the long list of things you intended to do in ONE updating session, I knew this would happen. You try to do too much in too short a time. And you cannot tell me you didn't know there'd be an overwhelming surge of players trying to log in when you gave the all clear.

Worst of all, every time I log on hoping for info on the problem, I get to see the promos showing how great this new update is, which I can't even PLAY!

It's been a long, tiring day, and I just want to play the game, but all I get is aggravation and headaches with this buggy setup for an update you have planned for moths, yet somehow were unprepared to install. I know my rants will fall on deaf ears, but I truly hope you take this into consideration. Players aren't "patient", they're "angry".



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    We are investigating an issue where certain classes are unable to access the Cash Shop and the maintenance will be extended until further notice. We'll share an update about the status when available, we apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience once again.

    SERIOUSLY??? Right, we can't complete the Destiny or Burning dailies, the best awards will be inaccessible if we can't, but GOD FORBID the Cash Shop is inaccessible, huh? You'll just throw us another pittance and think we'll forget, huh?

    Who in the world is in charge of these patches anyway? Isn't there some way to test them before hitting "download"?

    And again, trust me on this, the "thank you for your patience" line every time this happens is not even remotely funny.