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Jett mains

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The 5th job skill Gravity Crush isn't a stun for bosses right? Just got my 5th job and it doesn't stun any boss I use it on even though it says it stuns them.
Is it a 1 second stun. Or...what gives?


  • ClawStaffClawStaff
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    It might just mean the status effect stun, which most bosses are immune to. As in the stun the Mutant Orange mushrooms in Future Henesys can inflict on you that has an icon of stars spinning around your head.

    Don't ask me why a skill that would like 1 shot most normal enemies would inflict stun though lol.
  • gytyhhgytyhh
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    It says stunned and not even that happens, the maple should already make many improvements to the jett since it is very unbalanced and even add something of interest to its created character.