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Do something for oz

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Tower of oz is quite nice content and the weekly reward change was good but there's still some things that should be changed.
1. Spawn enhancers make the runs quite a lot quicker and now that wild totem will be removed those who have frenzy will have huge advantage over others and grabbing the top10 every week quite easily. So it would be good to restrict the spawn enhancing abilities there.
2. Jump quests restrict you from using 2sec iframes but longer ones (freuds wisdom 6 stack and liberated genesis wep skill for example) still work and make the jqs way easier for those who have those skills.
3. 48F is invisible jump quest escort-mission and then there's some ppl who are using overlay to see the platforms. That's probably against ToS anyways. Done with streaming tool to overlay a video about the platforms based on the position of your char. Simple fix for this is to randomize the spawn spot and make the longer platforms have gaps in the middle of them, you usually just jump as there was short ones with gaps but if the vid shows no gap on there and you walk on it it's nice way of trolling the obvious cheaters.

Some further revamping wouldn't be too bad. Oz is the only content which doesn't require ridiculous amounts of dmg so since revamping dojo 4 times and just a little tweak on oz why not give oz a little bit more floors.
Also with more floors lvl5 or something for rings and restriction on use of the skill that you need to clear oz before you could use the skills from the higher lvl rings. Ring fusing would be nice also that you need to fuse same lvl rings to get higher lvl (unlocked from later floors ofc) and adding some kind of super ring that has some insane skill but you need to fuse all lvls of all rings to get it and throwing a couple of untradeable ones that really don't do anything but requires to get it from the tower wouldn't be that bad aswell.
Overall nice content but could use a little bit of modernization on some points.


  • RogueBloodRogueBlood
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    1. No. Although spawn enhancers help with progression through certain stages, they are not a required item. My personal opinion on this topic, disable the use of spawn enhancers throughout the run entirely.
    2. No. You don't need iframes to complete any of the JQs in Oz. What you do need, is more practise. Practise tickets can be bought from the merchant and can be used to practise on floors 1-39 (excluding rest zones and bosses).
    3. Again, more practise required. But this is one of the few floors where practising is prohibited. It's very frustrating, but learn where the jumps are and just keep at it. But it's not all bad though, by this stage, you're still guaranteed a Rank1 Box.
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    I still don't get why people defend the Tower of Oz floor with invisible platforms. Like maybe if the visibility went on and off every once in a while it wouldn't be so bad . But despite the fact MapleStory used to be big on jump quests, its not very good at platforming, because of both how precise you have to be, and because of depth perception of how platforms look.

    Which is to say platforming in MapleStory is already way too precise, invisible platforms are a really bad idea, and unnecessary.