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Riena Strait/Mushroom Kingdom questline bug

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edited May 2023 in Bug Reporting
I am doing the quest in Riena Strait - Saving the Glacier 2 where you have to collect 30 Glacier Core Fragments from Shaver Bots and I am not able to pick up the Glacier Core Fragments...I kill the Shaver Bots and they drop the Fragments but I can't pick them up...I have Forfeit the quest, closed out of the game and tried again without being able to pick them up

Edit: Same goes for the quest is Mushroom Kingdom to get the Mushroom Bulbs...unable to pick them up...I can still pick up mesos and random mob drops

Edit: I am able to pick up the Mushroom Bulbs on my Battle Mage but not my Priest


  • Dnaman101Dnaman101
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    edited May 2023
    And now randomly I can pick up the items
  • RedRavenRedRaven
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    edited June 2023
    may want to post your SERVER, CHAR CLASS

    i done and completed those areas like 3 days ago(full set of questsline) and had no issue
    i'am in Reboot server//Demon Slayer class

    while i think the char lvl is irrelevant to this.....the char class and server are very likely to be relevant.....so you should provide that info too

    btw a lil unrelated but i had a similar issue in Elllin Forest on my side XD(which i plan to report soon)

    edit: cancelling the report i was planning for Ellin....the issue fixed itself after further progress in game..however i now have another one(which is more than a bug)....map no longer exist i believe