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Commuintion Ways at maplestory

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As you all know Maplestory is big commantion game , you cant play wichout Freinds or whatever. Now as a guild leader I face a big parblom connecting my guildes and my buddys in maple since i am not around allot of time in the week as most of us , pessable ansewer... Nexon need to make a moblie connection or a moble passablity to Chat it your guilds accpet mambers or simply chit chat it your buddys you gonna grind it ,like many other games did.. The passbltiy that it has to evlove the game and allowing us as players to speak it each other and the support it will give to the guilds it busy leaderships is Huge and i belive its will bring much for the game Espley for the onces who are buay and cant get to the game everyday

Talk me all what you think and who knows maybe nexon might actuly add such A cool way of speaking when you arent capble of getting in game


  • NiightseekerNiightseeker
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    "As you all know, Maplestory is a big social game; you can't really play without friends. Now, as a guild leader, I face a big problem in connecting with my guildies and my buddies in Maple, since I'm not around a lot during most of the same times as them. Nexon needs to make either a way to connect to the game via mobile, or at least a mobile way to chat, for example if you wanted to talk to your guild's new members or your buddies who are grinding. The possibility that this has to evolve the game and allow us players to speak to each other and give support to guilds is huge for busy guild leaders, especially when we can't log into the game everyday.

    Talk to me and tell me what you think. And who knows? Maybe Nexon might actually add such a cool way of chatting when you aren't capable of getting in the game."
  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    That would be interesting, being able to talk to guildmates/buddies/alliance ingame through your phone. It'd be like the MineChat app in terms of function. What I don't know is if that would be possible for them to implement.

    I've also seen it done on uh... *cough* other servers, that they had implemented a chat channel that allowed you to talk to players in-game through their IRC server, as well as speaking cross-faction(a feature which is generally not considered).

    Perhaps when such a time comes as they fix whatever's buggered with the chat channels that we got in v177, then they could also look into some type of mobile support for that as well?
  • AKradianAKradian
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    That's what guilds set up a Discord for. Or use some other, existing, app whose purpose is to connect a group of people.
    I don't think we need Nexon to waste resources on re-inventing the wheel, especially when they're likely to do it badly.