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Bera at "maximum capacity"???

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edited November 2016 in Bug Reporting
after getting into the game on my third try, was dc'ed while fighting mob and "ID already logged in" when trying to relog. that has happened before but when trying to log in with other account (usually clears locked ID), get a message saying bera is at max capacity even though the login page showed mostly empty channels. between having to work to get logged in without crashing at the NA/Euro server splash page, then the server login, then connecting into the game, its getting old quick. ready to give up on current events... at least get rid of the opening animation that I have to escape thru or risk "missing" the NA/euro page which crashes if you do not choose one quickly.


  • psychicwindspsychicwinds
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    I had this same issue. Happened again at 5 pm EST. The first time I lost the attendance box I had opened.
    Bera seems to be crashing multiple times today Fri 11/18 - hope it is fixed/better soon.
  • deadend5193deadend5193
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    Ive had connection issues the past few days too, Bera crashed twice around 7~8:30 CST today. It looks like people on Reddit are having the same issue. also hope this gets fixed soon..