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  • AKradianAKradian
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    edited November 2016
    Cendriel said:

    1. Are there going to be tiers of what 'title' you have according to the number of posts made? Like if you have 1000+ comments.. instead of just 'member' you could be 'insightful (member)?'

    2. Also what happened to our personal titles that CM KThxBaiNao gave us with the old forums? I remember I had a title "Pink Goddess" and was wondering if I could get that back! :)

    3. If we get to personally change our avatars as opposed to picking from a predetermined list, please ensure that .gif formats can work too, I think that would be cool!
    We were told that was coming.

    4. What exactly is meant by "reactions" under our picture in the forums? Does that mean "comments" to a thread? I feel like reaction might be poor wording.
    Seems to be a bug. Sometimes it says "MapleStory Rep" and sometimes "reaction". It's the number of points you've accumulated. I'm not exactly sure what gives points, other than earning badges. I think you get some points when you post, and some more points when people "like" your post, etc.

    5. Is there a way to add our snapchat user in profile settings or perhaps instagram ? :)

    6. Can we have social media logos with direct links to our pages under our avatar on the left side when we post on a forum? i.e.: in this case the logos would be under where it says "member".

    7. Option to self change background of the forums for our viewing only.

    8. Option to change fonts of forums for our viewing only.

    9. Our old 'Member since______' dates like it was with the old forums
    It's in the profile page, if someone really wants to know it.

    10. More perks in being active? Leadership board for most comments give away with maple points??
    We don't need to encourage people to spam for no reason. People should post when they have something to say.

    11. Volunteered forum moderators? (Maplers that have been in the forums for a while, maplers that have been playing for a few years) ..Pick me I volunteer as tribute!!!
    The forum moderators are volunteers, picked by the admin (the CM). Be around, be helpful, and you might get picked.

    hmm.. more to come I just can't think of them all at once..

    Replies in bold.
  • demonslayerx2tdemonslayerx2t
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    I really think that nexon should take a big step if they want to save maplestory game in the soon future.
    the game is still fun, still unique and special to many peoples. but i really can feel how every year there is less and less people around.
    you can see it in the free market and u can see it in the training zones. (also gonna open a topic about it but i really hope that some one from nexon ranks will see it and maybe will say something about it).
    NEXON must do a hugh update for the game graphic. not maplestory 2 (style minecraft) more like making our 2D game to some kind of mix 2D 3D gameplay.
    same 2D but with the feeling of 3D and better graphic. cuz come on!!! i can see pixels in my gameplay! its so 2003!!! and we are almost 2017 its not that hard!!!
    i feel that my friends leave the game not cuz of its idea or gameplay but cuz its looking old and its boring the eye like that, what is the point of having so mane classes so many mobs boss items etc if it not pleasure the eye? thats the point of games. pleasure to the eye, see stuff that in the real world you wouldnt see.
    please nexon dont let the game sink in the next years please start to update the game graphic because i am sure it will die like that ):
  • gamechangergamechanger
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    1 - Would it be possible to have poll results listed in a pie chart as a summary. The poll that Savage Ace put out with 39 options in it is a great example of a poll where we need a better visual summary of the results.

    2 - For polls, can the winning option always be highlighted instead of only highlighted when it has more than 50% of the votes? Again, the poll Savage Ace put up is a great example of why this would be helpful. With so many options, none of them will ever reach 50% of the votes, so none of them will ever be highlighted. It makes it much easier to see what the community thinks onlarger polls if the winning result is always highlighted.

    3 - Can we have an option to sticky the first comment in the thread at the top of each page?
  • thecooltalbythecooltalby
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    Hello, Nexon. Today(11/25/16), i got 2 disconnections, but i didn't do anything!I I don't have any malicious programs, so please fix this.