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Nexon Please start change the game graphic!


  • KamiNoBeniMizuKamiNoBeniMizu
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    The game's graphics are good enough. The backgrounds are hand drawn (so they can hardly age, if ever), and they revamped the pixel graphics more than once (especially the skills).

    And like people mentioned, they are already revamping the graphics in 2.5D. Some bosses are already like that (Ursus & Zakum for now).

    True, many games that are ridiculously popular have 3D graphics. But they are not leading in this regard. LoL, DOTA2, TF2. They have good graphics, but nothing to brag about. They are cartoonish and cute. That's what people like.

    MapleStory has its style, like these games have theirs. 3D or 2D/2.5D, not that many care about it, as long as it's pleasing them.

    I've seen 3D or 2.5D games with "better" graphics than MapleStory, but they were mind bogglingly bland.

    Root Abyss bosses are quite impressive. They are my favorite bosses in MapleStory in terms of looks. I hope Nexon will make other bosses as awesome as them. Pink Bean is cute (it's MapleStory's comic relief!). But the RA crew is in a league of their own.

    And the proof graphics don't matter (to a certain point). Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royale, Fallout Shelter, and Game of War are quite popular, and they do not have impressive graphics either. Yes, they are mobile games. But if graphics were THIS important, this would apply to every game, not just consoles/handhelds/PC.

    As long as a certain standard is met, people won't care. And MapleStory has met that standard again and again.
  • MakazeKibaMakazeKiba
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    By no means is this the end-all-be-all argument, but I feel as though it may serve @demonslayerx2t in understanding the game's art design.

  • Wort117Wort117
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    If you think the graphics are bad, and need to be changed, you are playing this game, and games in general, for all the wrong reasons. You're probably one of the people that liked "Avatar" because it was "pretty". Nexon will never change the graphics like you propose. It would literal YEARS. Massive waste of money as well. "Elsword", another game by KOG, has graphics like you describe, but suffers from some of the same problems maplestory does. Try that game instead.
  • chaoscauserchaoscauser
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    The reason isn't the graphics it's the way the systems have changed..... KMS1 is packed out because they change the game based on what they want. GMS is stuck in a sense of not being able to do what GMS players want anymore.
  • gamechangergamechanger
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    AKradian said:


    omg bro you really try to ignore stuff. its not have to be overwatch you dont need to try to prove you smart or something.
    try to understand my point and not get into stuff. overwatch was a smaple of a game i wasnt comparing between him to maplestory and you can see that when i said so!
    also for the competitive of the point maple lost his competitive when fang went to lvl 200 first and someone else to 250 after him. its like only 1 person get to be in the top its having no challenge at all.
    maple will fade if nothing big will happen, usually it happen when a game like maplestory 2 will arrive and they will delete the maplestory 1 game for it and then people will quite for losing there players. its happen alot, games like gunz to gunz 2 and Lunia from one company to other and more games like those.
    You are right that there is a problem, but you are wrong about the cause of the problem.
    You are right that maplestory is losing players, but it's not because of the graphics.

    Yes, people like competitive games now, and Maple is not competitive. So maybe the way to win back players would be to add PvP to Maple?

    Adding PvP back into Maplestory won't draw people back. Its a fundamentally different type of game than the PvP games that are super popular today. Its not as simple as adding a PvP mode (even though at this point it would actually be impossible to balance the classes in PvP without reworking almost the entire game), the game would have to be designed around PvP primarily, and then the PvE aspect either wouldn't exist or would feel as shoehorned in as our previous iterations of PvP did. It would actually hurt this game I believe if PvP were to ever return
  • genji123genji123
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    Wort117 said:

    You're probably one of the people that liked "Avatar" because it was "pretty".
    >he doesn't know why Avatar was successful