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Maplestory Migration

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Are you an old EMS player that couldn't handle how empty it was? Don't Worry! We have something to help you come back to the game: !!!!GLOBAL MIGRATION!!!!
Just make your old Nexon EU Account in an sweet NEW Global Account.

And don't worry if the things you used to love are not here anymore, cuz' Veracent sucked anyways.
Let's enjoy the brand NEW CONTENT!!!
You can now experience new things that you never imagined before!
Enjoy the thrilling adventure of paying to get character slots. CAPITALISM FTW!!!
You can also have fun with Afterlands by filling the key pokedex! Find the 12 Klefkis and get your prizes!
(Oh, wait, you can't get the 12th one, well...)
By just doing simple stuff like killing some monsters, activating runes, or doing Fritto's Challanges, you get awesome prizes and Exp!
(Oh, yeah, Fritto's Challanges don't count and nobody gives a about it...)
Enjoy the brand new STABILITY. Your game surely will crash less than that old shitty ems.
Also, by playing on the new server "Luna" you get some extra prizes!
Like late events! More lag! Missing stuff! More lag!!! It's wonderful!
Don't believe us? Hear some opinions of some happy costumers that already migrated and are having the greatest time ever:
Well, yesterday i was playing on my Demon Avenger and got the hot day's reward, you know, that storage 8 slot coupon. When i tried to use, it screwed up my game, and using the bug reporting forum didn't even change a ****. Nexon, die in a fire you stupid piece of...
Join us, on GMS.

Edit: And if you're still not satisfied, you can visit the best places in the game: Event Hall and DRPQ.


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    I needed this laugh with this game. I haven't been able to play since the migration. I can't make it pass server selection.
  • Mallow256Mallow256
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    If you read this with the right inflection, it is funny as hell.
  • PetalmagicPetalmagic
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    Oh my gosh...you should advertise for Nexon man...10/10 would play again.
  • AramyAramy
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    hey u forgot how fast we can grind now (so fast that we stay on air and dc)
    also were we also need to forget about selling nx hipers tp rocks, cubes (non nx too :D) and other non perm nx item like we could on ems by trade or shop :D
    also were the censor is so improved that we can't talk properly our home european languages were we need some special symbols (were they said it avoids the so improved and magnificent censor) neither we can chat wo sometimes have to ask to other what and wich word got censored on middle of conversation making the chat experience better since we can't see were censor was. But wait!!!! best part of this censor is that we still can see the bad english words uncensored :DDD while some of other languages are censored. while on ems to avoid censor was only use ' and we could see if we censored and use the sybols of european languarges were censor was still aplied if needed too