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New World for the Old World

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I don't have an issue with how the game is, more so I was wondering if you guys would consider the possibility of making a new world that's solely like how maplestory was prior the big bang edit. I was thinking that the new world could have all the maps that the old maplestory had, including all the classic party quests, having to use the ship to get around, amoria PQ, etc., because all of those aspects created a better sense of community imo. I was hoping it could be a permanent thing, so that we could actually all play in it as opposed to just walking through the maps as you do through the oldstory event thing. Also, I was wondering if we could make it even more classic by disabling the new NX, so it's genuinely like the olden days. Maybe this new world could be named Classic, or something like that. I think it would be a great permanent addition, as opposed to making it a seasonal thing.


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    If you actually went to the rules section before posting, you'd know that discussing legacy servers is not allowed. They say:
    "Old Maple
    - Do not create threads pertaining to Old Maple Servers, Legacy Server, Pre-Big Bang Servers, etc. You can talk about previous verions of MapleStory for memories and nostalgia's sake, but discussions surrounding starting up new services or servers are not allowed."
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    Suggesting legacy servers is not allowed as per the forum rules.

    However the ships and many of the old party quests still exist in-game. The ship to Orbis is the only way to get the Crimson Balrog for monster collection, and party quest EXP will be buffed in the V patch. If you wish to visit them, I recommend you do so.
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