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Didnt Get Monday Reward, Now Missing Sunday's Too

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Hi there,

Let me start off by saying that I haven't a clue if this is the right section to post this complaint in, and if it's not, I hope that the mods move it to the proper section.
Alright. So I've played every day this week, for hours on end. Every. Single. Day. But monday, I didnt get my Hot Week reward. I thought I might still get it later as some kind
of correction, but I didnt. A friend of mine did get it, because she was on in the middle of the bloody night, when it was available a few hours. Unfortunately, I couldn't be on
at that time. And now I feel royally screwed. Not only did I miss the Monday reward, but I also missed the Sunday extra because of it.

This isn't a fault or error on my end. I feel entitled to this gift because I was on during the day, and not just to log in and get my gift too.

Nexon, can I still get my 2 gifts?
Players, are there any other who had this issue and are pissed about it?



  • AkihikoT_AkihikoT_
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    Did you remember to log out and back in at least a couple minutes after midnight PST?
  • AKradianAKradian
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    AkihikoT_ said:

    Did you remember to log out and back in at least a couple minutes after midnight PST?
    Luna had a problem Monday. Their box didn't become available until about 9:30 PM UTC. Many people had gone to sleep by then.
    They didn't check again as soon as they woke up in the morning. (Monday's box was actually available until Tuesday 8AM UTC, but when they went to bed the Hot Week was still working on UTC time so they had no reason to think Monday's box would be there Tuesday morning)

    So yeah. Some Lunarians missed out on Monday's box due to Nexon's goof.
    Sorry to say, Nexon America is extremely unlikely to compensate them for that in any way.