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issue1 items stats we can0't trade/drops items

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edited December 2016 in Bug Reporting
Hello today u finally fix the issue and we can log in BUT we can't trade/drops items at moment. u gift we 7 days nx store and we can't use it. we maybe full in inventory adn we can't pick up events drops... i bought before the maintenance the special 1.9k nx black friday store and now im wasting it...


  • NEINheartNEINheart
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    Can confirm, I have a trade block aswell and was affected by the issue with being blocked for 2 days. Now I recieved stuff on my main and can't transfer for example 2x EXP coupons to a mule to grind it :( I have a feeling that the issue could not be solved and you guys gave us entrance anyway but trade blocked us as to provide yourself with extra time to solve it? I hope this can be resolved quickly