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Are you even doing anything about it?
You advertise your game, your free worldwide online game, we just merged with EU, you should expect the servers to overload especially in Reboot, a non P2W server..
Since the Limitless update the game became almost unplayable, new players joining and old players coming back overloading the servers causing constant lagging, disconnections, GM Police DC for HACK REASON wth. and we'll soon have the 5th job update, oh boy.
I personally don't even bother booting up the game during x2 events.. what's the point anymore?
You want the players to enjoy your game, no? then buff the servers up or open another Reboot world.
I'm not posting this to hate on the game, I love the game, I do want to enjoy playing it but I can't, and I'm not the only one annoyed by this.
  1. Are you lagging in Reboot?19 votes
    1. Yes.
       84% (16 votes)
    2. Yeah.
       16% (3 votes)


  • KnightzhellKnightzhell
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    Yeah they really need to do something. I was on earlier (4-5 pm) and servers were fine, I come back 20 mins after server reset and oh look ... horrendous lag. It's been this way for weeks now.
  • BarfonwhalesBarfonwhales
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    yea definetly, got on this morning it was fine for maybe 2 hours while i played and then after that it started to lag and then just kept getting worse but i think it's due to population as when i got on this morning not many people were on compared to how many are on now. can't even do anything so im just sitting in hene afk
  • BooberpuppyBooberpuppy
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    I took a really good nap just a bit earlier during the peak times where the lag is too thick to even measure FPS, more like FPM and I swear there was a couple times my FPM was at about 2-3. Only chance now is to stay up all night after half the server population gone to bed and farm whatever is left of the unlimited V coins from santa boxes before the secret nerf ninja maintenance patch superglues and screws the lid shut tight. Got the ring on my main already (whew), but R.I.P. all those neat chairs, damage skins, inventory bags, etc. for my poor litttle mules/alts...But yeah, hopefully the "fix" for the lag is for real this time and we can actually enjoy the game again without all the noise!
  • NewtNewt
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    I usually stay online for 15 - 30 minutes before dcing, but if I'm lucky, 2-3 hrs :l The lag is horrible, so I've given up on some events (attempting to get absolab wep) and chairs.
  • HiekHiek
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    edited December 2016
    If Reboot is lagging, every world lags.
    All the Worlds are hosted on a single support server.

    But they do need to add a Reboot World to the EU side so the EU players in ours will go to theirs which would give them better latency too. We're also missing "Reboot 2" and Channels 21~30.
    Those won't help much since all the worlds are connected together on a single server.

    While the additional channels were temporary, they need to be permanent for us, it would help with finding an empty PQ too.