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Improving/Perfecting the skill kit of CORSAIRS

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Hello everyone, Corsair main/Bera player rKami here. I'm pretty hyped for 5th job. However, I would love for my class to be even more hyped by improving its repertoire of skills that don't really work well together for 4th job. Here are my complaints and suggestions:

Before I start with my suggestions for buff durations and skill implementations, I would like to deeply critique the skills QUICKDRAW , BRAIN SCRAMBLER, and ROLL OF THE DICE's hyper skills.


The skill QUICKDRAW seems to be very inefficient when used--there is a small delay that requires the character to either move or to have to be forced to wait to issue the next skill. This cuts off more damage than it applies (+50% when maxed, and to make things worse it doesn't scale with all calculated damage boosts), and is very annoying to have to maximize its speed by tapping keys and waiting for right moments. There should be a way for Quickdraw to passively apply for a certain skill or trigger with reduced damage increments (i.e. scaling with the ability's attack speed; Rapid Fire receiving a 110% damage boost each proc; Eight Legs Easton a 125%--bigger boost for stronger skills/skills with cooldowns). It seems pretty useless for a BOSSING skill, as Rapid Fire is the strongest bossing skill that cannot chain with QUICKDRAW since it is too fast and does not allow you to shoot unless you move and hit the Rapid Fire skill again. The only time Quickdraw is effective is when fighting against bosses with high pdr, where Brain Scrambler's ignore enemy defense matters when dishing in the extra damage. That being said, it is pretty much inconsistent as a skill itself for most players, since a large bulk of them are more likely to be not funded as opposed to funded.


As I mentioned before, the use for quickdraw and therefore brain scrambler is only effective when fighting against high PDR bosses. So, Brain Scrambler seems to be a useless skill for general elite monsters/damage dealer because it does not outdo the damage of Rapid Fire that much with its delay, especially as quickdraw limits the speed chain of successive skill uses (like chaining rapid fire into Brain Scrambler, which is kind of slow, and even more so when applying Quick Draw). The Hyper Skill passives for Brain Scrambler seem vague as well--does the +20% damage against bosses stack additively with the skill, and does it have the same effect as the +20% damage hyper skill itself? I cannot choose which one to apply a skill point to since I have one SP left and I don't know what does more for me (assuming they have different damage bonus ratios with boss damage, final damage, etc, multiplicatively).

All in all the two skills aforementioned should either gain a large increase to its damage ratios, or be touched up so that it chains smoothly when bossing, since it is really not useful for any other reason.


Roll of the Dice's Hyper skill stat, Saving Grace, seems too ambiguous and does not really make a difference to me after putting a point onto it. If any Nexon staff know how this works, could you please explain to me exactly how it works? I feel like it should be changed since it doesn't do much. My 1 rolls already reduce RotD's cooldown, and I've never seen it go off cooldown from Saving Graces, so I'm confused as to how it procs.


From my personal experience as a Corsair (currently level 206), I had a really rough time keeping up Broadside and Octo-Cannon to put in extra damage against bosses, let alone re-applying all my buffs that don't even last for more than two minutes. Dying is terribly punitive because of the damage bonuses' cooldowns, and Majestic Presence doesn't really show any significant damage both visually and physically (Battle Statistics showed that it did 2.5% damage of Rapid Fire's total damage in 10 seconds). That doesn't seem to add up, and I don't even see Majestic Presence's damage lines show up. Is it already factored into the skills' damage lines?

>Bullet Shindig should not have a tap-key feature, I already have rheumatoid arthritis haha. Would be better if it lasts longer based on how much you move or something interesting like that.


For a class that lacks HP and requires a lot of RNG to acquire full power, Corsairs are an overlooked class that needs to be given a smoother gameplay, or a simple buff to its skills. Rapid Fire seems to do as much, if not less than Eight Legs Easton against bosses (to my knowledge, at least). Quick Draw and Brain Scrambler are useless because of their delay times and the cooldowns for buffs are horrendous--I'm actually conscious of every buff I re-apply, which happens way too quickly, and it doesn't help that I have OCD...

>Hyper skills should revolve around Eight Legs Easton for a mob bonus damage, and RotD's hyper skills could be replaced with them, for they are not really useful, especially since 5th job allows you to CHOOSE a number.

>Quickdraw should become a passive effect that procs based on attack speed chance and scale based on the skill's total damage ratios.

>Rapid Fire and Majestic Presence needs buffs; their damage dealt against bosses are barely noticeable compared to using Eight Legs Easton

>Buffs should be longer.


These are some ideas I came up with in reference to my critiqued skills, so this is just for your consideration:

>Parrotargetting should hit 1/2/3 enemies based on its skill level, it would make it more usable since you don't really need it unless you're bossing. And bosses with multiple parts make this skill pretty inefficient. Enhancement cores for 5th job would be a really nice propagation to this.

>Eight Legs Easton's Hyper skills, if implemented, should be 1) +20% damage, 2) add an additional line of damage, and/or 3) hit more enemies, like 2-4 more.

>Rapid Fire could either gain more hits per second, or scale harder since it doesn't outdo Eight Legs Easton by a lot.

>Broadside's description of "two can be summoned at once" pretty much never occurs, and with the Corsair summon duration character card hardly lingers for more than 5 seconds before leaving you with just one Broadside again. This should be fixed so that you can carry charges up to 2 or make it have a faster cooldown/longer duration or both.

>Ahoy Mateys' damage buff should be passive since dying makes you lose 15% of your range, and keeping it up during a boss fight is annoying because of its skill delay.

>Jolly Roger's 60% stance chance is still quite frustrating because you're still pretty likely to experience knockback. And as a class with relatively low hp and heavy skill fluctuation, stance should be closer to 100% than 50%. Perhaps the passive stance could go up to 75% so that the hyper stat can boost it up to a good amount, or the hyper skill Whaler's Potion could add additional stance, like 20%, to complement Jolly Roger (the hyper skill revolves around defensive capabilities anyways, why not factor in a stance bonus ;)?)

Thank you for taking your time to read this, and I hope Corsairs will be made great again!

For you fellow Corsairs-- what do you guys think?
  1. Should Corsairs be improved?9 votes
    1. Yes, they could really use a boost.
       67% (6 votes)
    2. No, I love juggling cooldowns, RNG, and losing damage while Quickdrawing >_>
       11% (1 vote)
    3. Only a certain skill should be changed (please mention which one in the comments).
       22% (2 votes)


  • IvangoldIvangold
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    edited December 2016
    So i played corsair for actually a while, yes they need change the quickdraw, i generaly use with the hyper+brain scramble(in between), yet i'm no expert in this class so i don't know if i'm doing right in terms of damage, and now with 5job you will focus rapid fire so just spam it.
    They could make something like phantom a toggle on/off that you can make it proc a bonus damage with the %chance, or maybe with a reduced damage but this would make it much better for bossing. They don't need to change enterly.

    Brain scramble won't really be used in 5job, since rapid fire is clearly better, so it's a skill that can be usefull but not much, but i have no idea how they could change it to some way to be a important skill.

    Majestic presence if i'm not wrong is the top 2 in terms of dps, did you test in a stationary target? or just any boss really, it hit everytime a skill does, and it can get more damage if Nautilus is on cool down, so it does almost or even same damage as rapid fire, but i may agree that the skill could be diferent to not lose damage in maybe lag or short damage times(chaos vellum maybe).(also how in the you say eight legs are better at bossing than rapid fire? i mean really?)

    I do agree on how Jolly roger have 60%, cannoer's one give more %stance, making it better, they could buff a litte bit a least.

    The dices don't really need change in my opinion, maybe since brain scramble is not a priority in the nodes, you have 5 points on the passive hyper skill, you don't gain more points, so having useless skills isn't bad as well.

    Buffs longer is just like for a lot of other jobs that want longer buffs(such as WA), it won't be changed, since it's part of the job on how it's dynamic, good dps but dpm maybe not.

    But i do agree they could put Eight Legs hyper, maybe even trade with brain scramble, making lving more viable for corsairs.

    The summons doesn't need change, you want to get more damage on a skill that already lose too much damage on any mob/boss that move out of it's range and only do good dps at stationary targets, the limit 2 seens more just a limit for it, i think it would be better if you could swap all the directions of the ships with a new skill, that would make they more viable.

    Generaly it there won't be any drastic change, since they basically balanced the 4 jobs when V patch hited KMS.

    Will try to do some tests on corsair at bossing, and i can try to post here.
  • rKamirKami
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    edited December 2016
    @ Eight Legs Easton doing more damage:
    I'm really only referring to very small bosses, where they don't have a lot of hp or contain multiple parts in one body. Easton outdoes RF by a huge amount in that scenario, i.e. flash jumping back and forth to hit zakum's arms, standing at the edge of Pink Bean's platform to hit both statues on the right side, etc.
    You point out something interesting that I forgot to mention. Nautilus Strike's cooldown making Majestic Presence stronger. It feels really weird to have to use the skill beforehand or while bossing to get extra damage in with Rapid Fire. Also, reducing its cooldown with Scurvy Summons or RotD makes it inefficient while bossing in that notion. I did actually test Majestic Presence's damage and you're right that it does do a good amount. I still don't really see the actual PRESENCE, though, haha. Is it supposed to be a passive damage increment to your lines? Either way, you're right about it being second most damage against bosses, even more than brain scrambler if used on rotation. I guess Majestic Presence's increased final damage from Nautilus Strike should be changed too.

    Maybe Parrotargetting could use some ignore enemy defense too, not just a flat 20% damage increase.
    >I haven't tried it yet but I feel like the boost node for Parrotargetting gives the EGG final damage, not the bonus damage dealt against the target. Could you test this for me (or if anyone else who is reading this would like to, that would be greatly appreciated).

    I like what you say about Rapid Fire. It really should be given more strength against bosses if there is so much juggling to make damage output reach its peak for Corsairs.Rapid Fire should maybe increase in damage the longer it is held down or do more damage/have bonuses based on how many times a target is hit by it (this idea comes from Diablo 3's Legendary Gem: Bane of the Stricken). Maybe this can replace the 100 range hyper skill, and the 100 range should passively be applied to Rapid Fire as a whole, since it's kind of lame to have to put a point in hyper skill just for extra range, when other classes don't need to.