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OMG! This happened again. Idk how long i have to wait. I wait for 2 hours yesterday to be able to log in. Contacting in chat room and they can't do anything to unstuck me, They just ask me to wait. ALthough I know this will be solved maybe in few hours..but OMG! You have to fix this bug. We can't wait 2 hours everytime we log out to log back in.

Bug type: The ID is already Log in (Can't log in!)

Brief bug summary: After I logged out because I couldn't tele using hyper rock, I thought relog would save the problem. So I logged out around 02:45 pm PST but then can't log back in. It keeps saying : THAT ID IS ALREADY LOG IN

Character name: RavenMiel

Character level: 222

Character job: Battle Mage

World name: Scania

Date and time of the incident: Thursday, 2nd Feb 2016, 03

(mention your time zone if you aren't posting Pacific time): 02:45 pm PST / 11:45 pm CET



  • JulyJuly
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    oh gosh same here.. this is so annoy.. especially after unscheduled maintenance which should have fix it..
  • LeFrenchieLeFrenchie
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    I'm in the same position, this is a first for me. I now get a different type of error after EVERY maintenance. Yesterday it was the NGS error now this. The fustration is seriously not worth it anymore.