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No more?

Are we not affiliated with JMS anymore

we never received Log Horizon, Re:Zero or Volcoloids :(


  • CatoooloooCatooolooo
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    has nothing to do with affiliation, has everything to do with nexon NA securing the rights to those IP's so they dont get sued for copyright.

    with our new CM we might see those crossovers make their way to GMS.
  • MegaScienceMegaScience
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    During the last live stream Arwoo did bring up crossovers. I personally was hoping for a Western-inspired crossover, like Steven Universe... Although... Trying to trace back, I think they suggested at least that some of the animation work is done in Korea... But point being, there's so many Japan crossovers, and I'd like to see a good show popularized in the West be crossed over.

    I mean that or getting the license back to give us Coke Town. I want Coke Play Shield, Coke Snail familiar, etc.