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I appreciate the NX transfer events but...

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edited April 2017 in General Chat
please do an event that allows us to move NX to other worlds. I play in Bera and Reboot now and I have hundreds of dollars of great NX forever stuck in Mardia Alliance.


  • SealSeal
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    Unlikely this will ever happen, but you can wait until a world transfer event to transfer characters to Bera and then wait until another NX transfer event.

  • MomTeresaMomTeresa
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  • TashieTashie
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    Posted this exact suggestion in the suggestion thread a few days ago ;c lol i'd love that too >.> especially since my characters in scania are just sitting there untouched
  • BruiseBruise
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    It sounds more like an obsession than a necessity. Focus on other things so you won't worry.