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Why is picking classes so hard to do!!!!!

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I've gotten back to playing MapleStory, its already been 4 days and I've managed to get 4 Characters only to level 30 just because I cant choose a class.

I need help on choosing a class, I've made a blaster, a hayato, and like 2 dual blades(because im so stupid). What would be an ideal class to play which is fun and enjoyable all throughout.

I want to make one final class to be my main, but which one?

My Choice on which one: Dual Blades, Hayato, Hero, and Shade. (I want to make one of them, but which one is better, unless theres better classes than them)


  • AznboiEAznboiE
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    To answer your question, it's simple. There's too many classes that exist. Nexon could have applied skills from non explorers classes and just gave them to their fitting explorer class, further diversing the gameplay for the current 3 (or 2) final job explorer branches, but instead over complicated the game (while being smart about it through releasing several untradable top tier gear) and just spit out a bunch of new classes.
    I was honestly fine maining paladin until after they got nerfed post red and since then i've been exploring classes every now and then but I seem to have finally found my place as a Blaze Wizard.

    imo of your 3 classes, I prefer Hayato because they're warriors but behave like thieves. Not exactly mimicking a hero, however, but the warrior type in general. So it's in between the spectrum of maining a db or a hero. You get thief dodge and warrior strength (which gives u def which helps you gain damage % from Shimada Heart.

    The problem is (for me) that they're so lousy pre-5th job and after obtaining hypers that it's up for you to decide if getting to 5th job is worth it (and it is for most), but even at 5th job JMS overcomplicated their node stones and gave them almost 2x as many nodes to RNG for and nodes for weaker versions of their default attacking skill sanrenzen, making it harder to get the "perfect" node combinations.
  • AKradianAKradian
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    If you've managed to narrow it down to 4, that's pretty good.

    I recommend making them all and playing them at least to level 120. It's really hard to judge before that. But once you've got all your 4th job skills and figured out the best way to mob and boss with them, you will know which class you enjoy the most. Also, with the DB and Hero, you could try out 4 more classes (Shadower, Night Lord, Paladin, and Dark Knight) easily by using Job-Advance coins (or meso) to switch classes.
    What with link skills and character cards and the upcoming Union, no character is a waste of time to level. Even if you never touch it again after 120, it's still making your other characters stronger.
  • foussiremixfoussiremix
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    Just try the ones you like.
    And than you find your main.
    I have like 10 characters and my Main is a bishop.
    You may not play them but their link skills strength your main char.
  • DaisukeHarutoDaisukeHaruto
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    and don't forget Character cards. I like some of those cards.
  • DarkPassengerDarkPassenger
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    I have 40 characters, deleted shadower cause of re zero update, gonna remake it, but initially i was going to main a mihile when the revamp came out, then quit until v update, hopped on back to reboot but switched to a link mule ohantom that i ended up maining, now im getting wild hinter to 200, 196 so far, having experienced all the characters, i realized i like speed which is why i made characters with hurricane type skills that hit multiple lines, 210 phantom, 196 wh, 183 xenon.
  • BrendiruBrendiru
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    If I were you I would level each of them until at least level 140, where they can max all of their 4th job skills, by that time you gain a little range as well, so you can really feel all the classes you chose. Always pick the one you have to most fun with.
  • BruiseBruise
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    Class decisions can be difficult at times, but why should this be a difficult choice?

    You can just try out all of the classes until you get bored and switch to training another when you want to.

    Don't worry about grinding the link skills or anything. Too much work.