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New Guild maybe

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if enough new players are interested, and don't want to feel the pressure when joining guilds with overpowered people, I am thinking of creating a new guild on my newly made character in reboot, It'll most likely be called Company or TheCompany if it fits, I chose this name because the CIA is also known by that name. Add/contact CovërtOps if interested. If youre a part time player, thats fine because this character isnt my main. I know a lot of new players usually start active then over time, log in every now and then, so the pressure of having to be active isnt there.

Edit: made the guild. Request if interested


  • JcastriaJcastria
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    Im definitely on board
  • SealSeal
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    Would have joined since I'm super casual and usually start slacking on guild weekly gp contribution lol, but I think I'm quitting. I like the name though, good luck.