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Why was I blocked?

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I just launched the game for the first time ever and it says I'm blocked for hacking or 3rd party software when the only other programs that are running are Discord and Steam, and I'm using the steam version.


  • OkhuraOkhura
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    If you are blocked from the game you need to contact customer support here: https://support-maplestory.nexon.net/hc/en-us
  • jasonmbrownjasonmbrown
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    Ive been a player for years, I just came back from a 6 month break. To a 5 minute connection time, and a "This account is Perm Banned" Message... Didnt have any other programs open aside from chrome/steam... Already submitted a ticket but Im guessing something might be broken with the Ban system right now. No Idea what could be causing it though.