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Unable to Enter Union Raid

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edited June 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: System

Brief bug summary: Whenever I click enter raid, a message says I need to collect my unclaimed legion coins from the previous raid before starting a new raid and I get them from talking to the npc in the Raid exit map. That doesn't make since because in order to get to the raid exit map, I need to enter a raid first, but I'm not allowed to enter a raid because I need to receive my unclaimed coins.

More details: I tried to reset my synergy grid and enter but the same message comes up every time. This isn't happening to my legion raids on my broa and kradia characters. I've checked on the status for multiple characters on my Scania legion raid for 28 hours about and the same message come up.

When I first went through the raids, everything worked fine except when I exited, I don't remember receiving any coins. A couple of hours later, a new raid apparently started and that's when the system wouldn't let me enter.

Steps to reproduce: Not too sure, I think it triggered after the first boss dragon was defeated.

Character name: DarkMist73x

Character level: 205

Character job: Night Walker

World name: Scania

Date and time of the incident: 6/21/2017 ~9:30Pm PST


  • VolumezVolumez
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    Hey Raw_Meat, I just had that problem too.
    Log onto other characters in Scania to see if they're on the Raid Exit Map.
    I went inside the raid on some mule and dced inside the fight, and when I went on my main the day after it wouldn't let me in, so I just logged back onto that mule and was already on the exit map, claimed my coins and it let me into the raid on my main! :)